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If one wants to become a great poker player, then one must take advantage of online poker tips. You see poker is the same as anything else in life. The harder you work and the more knowledge and understanding you attain, the better you will become.

There are a lot of ways that you can improve your learning of the game ranging from poker books, poker training sites, review and one to one coaching. But when you listen to the interviews of the very best in the game they all have one thing in common. They talk about poker with great poker minds.

It is all about finding a tribe. The best players just get better and better because they talk about poker with some of the best players in the business. But don’t fret. You don’t have to turn into a professional poker stalker to find your tribe, because they already exist on the Internet.

Poker forums like 2+2, BlondePoker, and The Hendon Mob are places where poker players like to hang out. This is your tribe, but how do you gain acceptance? The trick is to take things slow and easy. 

Make regular, constructive comments on threads that interest you and you have something worthy to add. Then over time, after people get used to you, start to create your own interesting threads. 

Posting hands and requesting analysis is also a great way of meeting people, gaining opinion and learning. But if you are going to post hands, also be ready for the backlash. There are plenty of people in the world that are ready to put you on your back, so be prepared.

Over time you may decide to meet with some of these posters at live tournaments, and this is how cliques will form and you will eventually have your very own tribe of poker friends.

Last Updated 26 October 2018
The Poker Forum